Father’s Bear Stories

Over the last twenty years, I’ve conducted many interviews with my father about his life. This is a collection of stories about bears that he’s encountered on his many camping trips. All of the music in this episode is by the magnificent Mitchell Jordan.

UHID Classic – Narcodrone

Here’s another edition of UHID Classic. This is a jam session that aired live on KVRX on July 2, 2007. It featured a truly staggering lineup of live musicians, with a backing track by Bernard. The musicians included Kurt Johnson, Lace Durant, Raymond Wang, Dan Butler, Bill Latham, Chris Siddall, Saturday, Brian C, and Jeff. It’s very good.

Automanipulation is Deathlessness

CW: Sex, masturbation, breathy noises in the background. TW: This one is kind of nasty. We mined dozens of 1960s Sex Education records to come up with this delightful treatise on how to attain immortality. Featuring additional wisdom by T. S. Eliot, Bert Tanzer, and Stan “The Man” Musial. Music for this episode was created by the late great Bill Latham.